Report a Hate Crime

Reveal News and ProPublica project where you can report hate crimes. Go here to fill out their form.

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Take Five

Sachal Studios’ version of the classic jazz tune “Take Five.” So cool!

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Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying, Read This

Fuck you,Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying, I am an engineer. I am an engineer. I am an engineer. I am an engineer. I am an engineer. You are a parody of a state licensing board. Fine this, you dumb humans.

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Making Music on an iPhone

Love this piece in Wired about Steve Lacy, a pro who makes music on an iPhone, using an iRig and Garage Band. Super cool.

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Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer

I love the linguistic descriptivism of this Morphine lyric; the riff is killer; and this video? “The middle won’t work, ring the one under.” Uh um. “She doesn’t get up as early as a baker.”

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Red Baraat!

These guys rock the Tiny Desk studio space!

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The Myth of the Violent, Dirty Mexican

In Quartz, Pablo Piccato goes on at some length, analyzing the ways in which fake President Trump perpetuates the myth of the violent Mexican. And while that’s all great, all you really need to do is trace the history of the word “marijuana” to discover that, as Piccato argues, Norte Americanos have been scapegoating Mexicans with racist lies for decades.

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The Cult of Be Happy, Don’t Worry

earthThe science of psychology, such as it is, is catching up with the intuitions of depth psychology and the probings of literary critical theory. Depression is about to have another day.

A new book by Svend Brinkmann, a psychology professor at Denmark’s Aalborg University, is called Stand Firm: Resisting the Self-Improvement Craze, is just out. In it, Brinkmann says that our insistence have-a-good-dayism is “almost totalitarian” in its rejection of the tempests of being, e.g., sadness at loss, depression generally (which we embrace only with a happiness cure: tea, but rarely any real empathy)–and anger is right out of there. It’s exactly happy-norming that the alt right cucks are using when they say “quit being a sore loser.” Brighten up, lighten up, it’s all great again! Putting the squeeze on unstable emotions is an attempt to reduce the friction of resistance. It works, sometimes. Continue reading

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A cool band, Japancakes. This is their tune “Behind the Mountains,” from one of their many great albums, don’t ask me, I’m not the expert, but this song!

It’s about Coeur d’Alene! Kinda.

And, as is usual and great about Japancakes, it has sweet, sweet pedal steel guitar. “Behind the mountains, there are more mountains.”

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Eight Years

Eight years ago today I quit smoking cigarettes. After 32 years of Camel no-rags, I met a woman who answered “yes” when I asked if smoking were a deal breaker. Granted, it was the first time I’d asked that question: is smoking a deal breaker?

I made that promise to this woman I’d fallen in love with right around Dec. 31, 2008. I read up on quitting, and realized I needed a plan, and a memorable quit date.

Barack Obama’s inauguration was my memorable quit date. January 20, 2009. I haven’t smoked a cig since, and have regained considerable lung capacity–and added almost a fifth to my vocal range.

Today I came home from work, heart sick. I had to be with my dog, and wait for the aforementioned woman to get done with science.  The dog and me, we picked her up from work. He was glad to see her, painfully, his paws unintentionally scratching his lady’s face in a frenzy of howdies. Been at least nine hours, after all.

Enough time, as my work-friend said, “for the Father of Lies to swear an oath.”

And plenty of time, while we’re at work, at a university doing the people’s work, making things better for you and I, for’s faceless minions to leave a dirty “page not found” for LGBT rights, civil rights, and science. Entire reports: gone.

The future is disappearing. Which is why scientists are scrambling to save the data.

This octoversary of not smoking, the devil come up from the swamp.

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